The company, Ti.F.A.S. spa was founded in 1972 in Lurate Caccivio as dyer of fabrics for Artificial and Synthetic fibre. Over the years it has expanded and today covers 12,000 square meters with a total surface area of 17,000 square meters. There are now 118 employees who work over 2 shifts in the dye area and 3 shifts for finishing. Ti.F.A.S. generates consolidated annual sales of €15,000,000.

The company prepares, dyes and finishes fabrics, including stretch, in viscose, acetate, cupro, polyester and nylon, overseeing the processing of particular productions such as linen, cotton, silk and tencel. It is also specialised in the peach skin finish of cupro, obtained using a chemical jet process, and in the treatment of tencel using an enzyme process. The treated articles are varied and intended for use in the in the clothing and lining sectors. Colouring is carried out with different types of dyes: dispersed, direct, acids, bases, and reactives for both rope and open-width dyeing. Daily production is between 120-130,000 meters with a total capacity of 150,000 meters and the systems dedicated to this are:

• 2 VB Mezzera
• 1 Artos

Open-width dyeing
• 4 Artos Foulard
• 1 Küsters pad-batch
• 25 Jigger
• Jigger MCS under pressure
• 1 pad-batch with COMINTEC wash for cold reactive dyeing

Rope dyeing
• 10 Jet MCS
• 1 Air Jet THIES
• 2 Jet THIES
• 1 Jet Krantz
• 4 Air Jet THEN
• 1 Jet Fong’s
• 2 Jet Fong’s for sampling
• Pentek
Ti.F.A.S. has a wide range of Jets with which to carry out all the loads requested by the customer: from small samples of 5Kg to large productions of 400Kg.

• 1 Ram Monforts 5 fields + cooling
• 1 Ram Babcock 4 fields
• 1 Ram Babcock 5 fields
• 1 Ram Babcock 6 vertical fields
• 1 Ram Monforts 6 fields
• 3 Calander RAMISH (2 with 2 cylinders and 1 with 3 cylinders)
• 2 Specule
• 1 Air dryer
• 2 open-width washers with dryer
The company performs different finishings, in-house, with soft and non-slip finishes, water-oil repellent and antibacterial products, as well as mechanical finishing such as:
• Sanfor
• Frosted
• Crumpled
• Calander transfer KMT COMBI 620 for lamination, metal application and bonding

In 2013, company management decided to provide the laboratory with more space, transferring it to a new area and increasing both the resources employed and the instrumentation. The project concluded in 2014, having implemented the type of controls which can be performed by introducing Ecotoxicological testing of both fabric and on auxiliaries and colourants used by the textile industry. The new analyses are: pH, aromatic amines in azo dyes, formaldehyde, heavy metals, APEO in compliance with ISO and GB/T standards. The new instrumentation used in the test is:
• UV/Vis
Since 2014, the laboratory has also participated in various inter-laboratory tests in collaboration with national and international bodies with the intent of verifying its own skills and measure itself against others. In 2015, it was decided to make the laboratory completely independent with the creation of a new company: Elle.A.Ci.Ti. srl. The laboratory sent a request to obtain ACCREDIA certification in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 which will allow it to guarantee greater technical skill and reliability.

The area of the laboratory which works closely with customers and the production for the different colour sample tests (Lab-Dip) before proceeding to dyeing on an industrial level.